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contract to fill
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We provide Iams Dog Food for your dog free of charge while it is boarded.  Iams works very well for most
dogs and we have had very minimal problems with dogs that switch over to it from another food.   We have
used Iams successfully for over 20 years.

If your dog requires a prescription food or you decide to bring your own food, please follow
these guidelines;

Food must be in a clean, sealed plastic container, not a bag.
It must be labeled with your dog's name and amount to be fed in cups noted.
It should not contain measuring devices.
Do not bring bowls.

Veterinary Requirements:
All dogs must be up to date on these vaccinations:

* Distemper/Parvo Booster
* Rabies

They must also be parasite free.

* Please check your pet for fleas prior to boarding.

* Have a Negative Fecal (see left) prior to first time boarded.   We recommend annual
follow up fecal exams.

Recommended, but not required;

* Heartworm Test & Prevention & Flea & Tick Prevention Seasonally.

* Bordetella, IF given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.   Please avoid vaccinating your
dog for Bordetella (Kennel Cough) within 2 weeks prior to boarding.  It may not be fully
effective and some vaccines can cause some dogs to cough (and some to actually shed
the virus) for days after vaccination.

Information about Kennel Cough.
More about the Vaccine

Note:  'Up to date' vaccinations means that your next scheduled Booster date on your "Reminders"
sheet from your veterinarian has not passed.  
Your pet can be on a 1 or 3 year schedule with your vet.  Or they may sign a waiver if your dog has
a medical reason for not being vaccinated.

Your vet can email or Fax this information to us!
Fax is same Business number- 641-673-5491.
Our Email for veterinary records ONLY is;

We will happily administer medication for your dog or cat free if it is only oral medication or ear or eye (or other
topical) application. If there are more than one of these 3 things ( ex. Eye plus oral) required for your dog, or if the
number of times administered is more than 2 times per day, you will be charged $1.00 extra per day for medical
treatment administration.

Basic Grooming:
Small dogs - $10.00
Medium dogs - $15.00
Large Dogs - $20.00
Giant Breeds/Coated - $25.00

Toenail Trims:

Basic Brushing:
Once Over - $8.00
Twice is Nice - $12.00
Git R Done - $18.00
Hairy Monster - $24.00


You must make a reservation ahead of time.  Holidays and
summer boarding fill up fast so please call early.  

Email Preferred;

If no email reply within 12 hours Call 641-673-5491 LEAVE
We are rarely able to answer the phone in person, so please leave a message with your
name, number, dates and times you want to board and your dog's name.  Let us know
if you are a new customer.   We will return your call as soon as possible.

Please make your reservations EARLY for the Holidays of
Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Spring Break, Labor Day
& Memorial Day.  Please note that due to limited space we
will have a minimum 3 night boarding fee enforced during
major holidays.

Please cancel your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.  
We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for last
minute cancellations particularly during holidays.

Click Here for Hours and
Boarding Costs
Cat Boarding
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Kennel Policies
Short Walks - $5.00  (10-15 Minutes)  Long Walks - $10.00  (20-25 minutes)
Play Sessions!
Indoor, one on one, interactive, off leash, play sessions in our training building.  Individual Play sessions, by
nature, include a little manners training.
$10.00 for 15 minutes     $20.00 for 30 minutes.
Why does my dog
need a fecal exam before his
first visit?
A fecal exam will catch parasites that
dewormings do not cover.  Many dogs
carry internal parasites without outward
symptoms.  We want to keep all of our
clients safe from contagious internal
parasites and also help you find things
that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Recent Examples of very well cared for
dogs having routine fecals;
1.5 YO male-Positive for Coccidia.
6 YO female tested positive for Coccidia
and Hookworms.
1 YO Male- positive for Roundworms
and Giardia.

None of these dogs had any symptoms
of illness and their owners were very
surprised at the results.  Please help us
keep Shadowland parasite free!

What you can bring:

You may bring a clean rug, bed or blanket for your dog. However, we are not responsible for
damages to items that are brought with the dog. We can supply a clean towel or blanket for your
dog too. If you have a smaller dog, you may bring his/her clean crate to put in the run as well.
Acceptable, safe toys are also allowed. Please, no more than 3. You may bring some biscuits or treats,
but please
label them with your dog's name and limit these to one box or container.  And, keep in
mind we carry a nice line of quality treats and chews.

What you may NOT bring:

Please do not bring small balls, cow hooves or toys/beds that you do not want to lose
or have destroyed.
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