Canine Caviar
Canine Caviar- A Holistic, All Natural,
and Hormone Free Pet Food.

If you are concerned about the quality of your dog's food,
Canine Caviar could be the answer. This product has worked
wonders for dogs with allergies, poor eaters, dogs that can't
seem to gain weight and dogs that lack energy and zest.
Great for all dogs in providing a quality ingredient, highly
digestible and all natural diet.

* Contains absolutely NO soy, corn or wheat,
* Made with Human Grade, Pesticide, Hormone
and Antibiotic Free Meats (USDA Chicken and
New Zealand Lamb)
* Contains No Chemical Preservatives and No
* Flaxseed helps provide a proper Omega 3:6 fatty
acid balance.
* Natural ingredients like garlic, yucca and alfalfa
provide immune system, joint and internal organ
* 91%-93% digestible, the highest on the
. Honestly, you can NOT find
anything higher
* Nutrient dense. Almost 600 K-cals per cup.
WAY more than than other premium foods.
Feed Less/Get More!

I have used this food since 2002 for my Labradors and it is truly
the best food I have ever tried.  I have personally met and stay in
contact with, Jeff Baker, the founder of Canine Caviar foods. He
is genuinely interested in the welfare of your pet.  His background
in nutrition has helped him develop this remarkable, quality pet
I understand that you may not have heard of this food and that
is because it is made by a small company that puts more money
into the food than advertising.  Canine Caviar is more well known
in large cities and the west coast.
We Specialize in
Canine Caviar
because we think it
truly is the best!
We Sell For Less!

Because we are more interested in helping our customers
have affordable access to a Super Premium food than we
are in profits. We also know that buying from us is not as
convenient as other retail stores. So, we offer great
savings on this incredible food to make it worth the trip.

Because we feed Canine Caviar to our own dogs and have
sold this food for many years, we can answer your
questions about the food and give you advice about how
to best transfer to and feed Canine Caviar.
You can purchase Canine
Caviar food during our
regular Drop Off and Pick
Up times at the Boarding
email or call Julie to make
other EASY pick up