Shadowland Kennels Beginners Obedience
Cover Letter
Greetings! Please save this cover letter for future reference!
Thank you for inquiring about our obedience classes. This is an online version of our
registration information. The dates of the next sessions are on our webpage and can
be used when filling out the
registration. Registrations done via email will be
confirmed by a reply email.   Our K-9 Basics Seminar is the format for the first
night of our Beginners class.  The Basics seminar will get you off to a good start
giving you some good basic exercises to start working on with your dog for the first
week or even if you are not attending Beginners.   Please see website for more details
about Basics. K-9 Basics seminars are great for anyone (adult dogs too) even if they
do not attend the beginners class. They are perfect for those who are getting ready
to add a puppy or dog.  Anyone can attend K-9 Basics-no dogs that night.
Class will be a 7 week session. You will NOT bring your dog to the first session. PLEASE
NOTE: The first night is orientation and we will meet all together at 7:00. Several exercises
will be reviewed so you can begin work with your dog at home that first week. After the first
night, if we have enough students, there will be two sessions on Class nights, one at 6:30 for
puppies and one at 8:00 for adults. 8 weeks to 6 months on the date of the first class will be in
the puppy class. Older than 6 months will be in the adult class.  Some sessions we will not split
the class and we will meet at 7 PM, so please ask if you are unsure of your class start time.  

Class will last about an hour. Please indicate only one session on the registration form. You must
pre-register by completing and returning the enclosed registration form. The cost of class
includes a class packet. You may send a check or pay at the first class. NO refunds will be
given, so please be sure of your commitment before paying.  Classes are limited in size (about
12-14), so please send your registration back soon to ensure a spot in class. Unless you hear
otherwise or are late sending your registration, assume you are registered and show up for class
on the scheduled night and time.
No other notice will be sent. Please mark it on your calendar
now so you don't forget!
You will not bring your dog to the first session. The first session is at 7:00 for everyone.
Allow plenty of time to get here and get checked in before your class time. Directions to
our training building are as follows. Retain this letter for future reference! Go 4 miles
West (Past Walmart) of Oskaloosa on Highway 92. Just west of GSTC Trucking is Galeston
Avenue. Turn north on Galeston and we are the second place (2501) on the left or west side
of the road. Please be aware that we need to park fairly close together so that everyone
has a spot in the parking area, especially the first night. Also, please dress accordingly. We
don't have conventional heat or air yet. Layers are recommended. It's not bad, but it can
get cool or hot depending on the time of year. :
You will need a snug fitting (must not be able to slip over head) flat buckle or quick clip
collar and a 6 foot leash for your dog.  We will have leashes available for sale at class.  
Your dog is required to have an up to date rabies and distemper/parvo combo
vaccination and negative stool exam PRIOR to entering the class. We must have this
information with your registration. Dogs under 4 months do not need a Rabies
vaccination, but should have that when the dog turns 16 weeks. All puppies under the age
of 16 weeks must be current on their puppy series of vaccinations. No puppy will be
admitted to class that has not had at least one vaccination in its puppy series (you must
be able to provide proof of this vaccine) and at least one vet check by the owners
regular veterinarian. All dogs should be free from contagious internal (worms, bacterial,
coccidian, giardia) and external (fleas/ticks/mites) parasites before coming to class.  
Please have a fecal flotation test performed by your vet.   All puppies under a year,
should have a recent fecal exam prior to class. You do NOT know your dog is free of
internal parasites without a fecal exam and even then, eggs and other problems can
sometimes be missed. It is in everyone's best interest that care is taken to assure that
your pet is not shedding infectious parasites. We also recommend a bordetella
vaccination to prevent against kennel cough.

We have been teaching classes in the Oskaloosa area since 1993.  Our Staff are involved in
many aspects of the dog world including hunting, agility, obedience, conformation and rescue
work.  We are members of several dog clubs including obedience, hunting & Labrador breed
clubs and we regularly attend seminars on dog training, behavior and instructing.  Most
notably, we attended one of the now rare seminars of well-known author and animal
behaviorist, Ian Dunbar.   All of our dogs participate in some kind of performance training
and most have obedience, conformation, hunting or agility titles.  The assistants for classes
have completed our beginners and several intermediate/advanced classes and usually have
titles in competitive venues with their dogs such as herding, agility and obedience.  

It is important for you to understand that while you will only be attending class once a
week, it is critical that you train at home at least 5 days a week for approximately 20
minutes a day.  In class we will be teaching you how to train your dog to do specific
exercises and you will need to practice these during the week in order to be ready for the
next lesson.  Attendance is equally important.  Believe us, the commitment you make to this
class is directly related to the success you will have with your dog.  The applied training in
this short period of your dog’s life will be the foundation for a wonderful lifetime
relationship.  You will get out of this class exactly what you put into it.  Your reward will
be a well-mannered companion who respects your leadership, will stay when told, walk
beside you on a loose lead and come when he is called.  

Training methods used in our class will involve treats for motivation and reward.  Please
bring some training treats with you the second session of class or a fleece toy or other
favorite toy for puppies.  The best treats to use for class are small and soft, such as Zukes
Mini's or other natural treats that are not too spicy.   Cut treats up into small tidbits that
are easy to handle.  A “fanny-pack” or other similar pouch you can wear in class works great
to keep your treats handy for training.  If you do not wish to use treats, you can use a toy
or other motivating and rewarding item.  We have Zukes and other quality treats available
to purchase that are ideal for training.

Please read the enclosed General Instructions.  This will help you prepare for class and give
you valuable tips about training.  We will be giving you several additional handouts each
week throughout the course of the class and they should be considered a part of the class
instruction.  The first session, or at Basics, you will be given a packet with several
important handouts to get you started.  We encourage you to read all handouts and ask if
you have any questions about them.

The objective of this class is for you to have a positive working relationship with your dog.  
Training will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Together, you will become a
working team, able to communicate on mutual terms that you both understand.

We look forward to working with you and your companion.
Julie A. McVay
APTD Member