Flooding Information
Highway 92 may be flooded when we have a lot of rain. The
DOT will not place detour signs up to send you onto county
roads or ANY roads for that matter. They will not let me
give them maps to give to my customers. So, here are
directions and a map;
Map of Detour Route
From Oskaloosa, take the Beacon road south (left) off Hwy
92 just past the 163 on-ramp. That is Joiner Road. At the
stop sign go forward into Beacon to the first road West out
of Beacon. That is Elm St. (right before the playground area)
and then turns into 260th. Follow 260th about 2 miles until
you come to the first gravel road that goes to the north or
right. That is Hickory Avenue and will take you back out to
Highway 92. Galeston Ave is just west of there so turn left
on 92 and then right onto Galeston. We apologize for the
Shadowland Obedience and Boarding