Shadowland Kennels
Time to get started on your retriever training so you can be
ready for fall hunting season in Iowa! Your dog should have
some basic obedience for optimum results, but even if you
just have a young pup, we can get you started!
NAHRA Training Club
We'd also like to invite you to join the Skunk River Hunting
Retriever Association
(SRHRA). Skunk Dogs is a North
American Hunting Retriever Association
region club that has members from south central and eastern
Iowa. Meetings are usually held right here in Oskaloosa.
This is a growing club and as we grow, our training regime
does too. We have training days throughout the year that help
us prepare for the NAHRA hunt tests held by ours and other
clubs in Iowa and surrounding states. Your dog can earn
hunting titles that reward your training efforts and prove your
dog's ability to be a well trained hunting dog. It's a great way to
meet new hunting dog people as well as work together and
share training ideas to help each other refine our dog's skills as
a hunter.
Shadowland offers Hunt Training sessions throughout most of
the year. Many of our participants have earned NAHRA and AKC
Hunt Test Titles and improved their dog's hunting and
retrieving skills after attending these sessions. If you need work
with real birds, want to increase your dog's retrieving distance,
marking ability, work on trailing and quartering, these session
can really make a difference.
Training varies but you are welcome to join in at any time and
we will make sure you get to work on the things you need for
your dog's level.
These sessions are offered by Jim. Please click here to contact
Jim Reeves by email for more information.
Shadowland also sells retriever training gear.  We carry
remote trainers, Dokken trainers, bumpers, British slip
leads, whistles, laynyards, duck calls and more.   
Got it!