Shadowland Obedience

Shadowland offers a range of obedience and agility classes.
We have been teaching classes professionally in Oskaloosa since 1993.  

Our Beginner Obedience classes have evolved over the years to develop a comprehensive and challenging class that
sets the owner and dog up for success each step of the way.  Through positive reinforcement, 'Marking' and Rewarding
Behavior the dog becomes secure in his place in the home while building the human/canine bond.  Knowing what to do
when behavior issues occur allows owners to reinforce good behavior while fading undesirable behavior.  Helping to
keep dogs in their homes forever is one of our primary goals!

Julie McVay heads the Instruction of classes with Lead Instructor: Shannon De Penning.  Julie is an APTD Member
and continually enhances her education in training methods and new training games and techniques. We also have an
experienced core of Assistants who sometimes help with classes or teach additional classes. Shadowland Kennels is
also home to
Shadowmyst Labradors. Shadowmyst Labradors compete in several performance events including
Obedience, Agility, Hunt Tests, Barn Hunt and Conformation.

Our Beginners class is an 7 week course designed to meet 4 primary goals by the end of
the 7 weeks. Walking on a loose lead (not pulling), coming when called, staying when told
to stay and leadership. These are the four basic tools an owner needs to have a well
behaved dog. Our class uses many exercises, motivational, reward based concepts to help
attain these goals. Leadership, rewards, behavior marking and connected energy are
emphasized as the foundation for building a balanced relationship with your dog.
All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and parasite free
(have a negative fecal exam) prior to coming to class.
Read our

for the class.

information about

Intermediate Obedience:

Shadowland also offers an Intermediate Level Class periodically.  This class is a
continuation of Beginners class and designed to get more control with your dog and
develop a working relationship beyond basics that includes teaching TRICKS, impulse
control and incorporating play. You must have graduated from beginners and/or be
able to pass a series of test exercises to go into Intermediate. Go to place, finishes, off
leash control, off leash stays and recalls are some of the exercises covered. We also
teach TRICKS in this class as a way to reward and motivate the dog. This is a good
class to attend if you are interested in competition obedience or just improving your
dogs on and off leash control as well as have a blast training.   We highly recommend
this for dogs that thrive on training and/or need a continuation of routine training.

This class is usually a 5 week session and the cost is $100.00.

email Julie to add your name to the email list for notification about upcoming
Intermediate Obedience Classes and Agility sessions.  

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Email Julie to
have her email
a class packet
The class is a step by step, positive, motivational approach and each week lays the foundation for the next week's
lesson. Progressions are easily accepted by dog and owner since they are gradual and the owner can always go back a
step if necessary.  Marker words, food, play or toy rewards, games, praise and release are used to help the dog
quickly grasp new exercises.  Because exercises are broken into sequences and small steps, the dog and handler are
put in a position to succeed. Confidence, respect and trust grow mutually between dog and handler each week as we
emphasize the human/dog connection. The end result is a dog that respects, engages with and trusts his owner,
understands the exercises and an owner who knows what to do if the trained dog ignores a command.  
Class packet is given at first session and added to each week.  Dogs should come to class on a snugly fit, flat buckle
collar and a 6 ft leash.

Beginner sessions are held 4 times per year. Normally we have classes beginning in January,
March or April, June, and September
. Our usual schedule is Tuesday night classes.

Class Size, Ages and Cost:

Each Class size is limited to about 12. Puppies as young as 8 weeks can attend
classes. (as long as they have had a vet visit, current vaccinations and
deworming)   Upon finishing the class, you will receive a certificate of completion.
7 week Beginners Class is $120.00

We usually have enough people to have two sessions of 12 students each.
One at 6:30 and one at 8:00.

We encourage owners to begin classes as soon as possible. Your dog is learning as soon
as you bring them home and it's always best to start the right way!

For class informational packet, including registration form, please access our information
on the right of this page.

If you cannot access this information by internet, call or
email us and we can email or
snail mail the information.

Want to get started before the Beginners class with your
We sometimes offer puppy classes -Check the class schedule!
This fun, social class is a great way to give your puppy a head start before
coming to the Beginners class OR may be all you need to get off on the right
foot with your new puppy.  
Puppies must be under the age of 5 months at start of class.  (if you have a very
small breed, you may register up to 6 months of age.)

Please email Julie for registration and other information packet about this class.

April 9th, 2019.
7 PM the first night (no dogs) for the K9 Basics Seminar.  
After the first week, we will split into two sessions, puppies under 6
months at 6:30 and over 6 months at 8:00.  
7 Week class-$120.00
email Julie to get a Registration Packet.

This session is FULL, however;
Anyone may attend the first night's K-9 Basics Seminar
(at 7 PM)  (without dogs) for $30.00/family and includes
the class packet.  This is a great way to get started at
home and any no-show spots will only be filled with
people attending the seminar, so you still may have a
chance to get into the 7 week class.

Our K-9 Basics Seminar is the format for the first night of Beginners.
All the stuff you need to know to get started now!

K-9 Basics is a 2 hour demo, Power Point and lecture seminar.  No dogs this night.
Manners, Basic Training Concepts and the first week of Class homework.
Make a connection with your dog!  
Learn how to build a conditioned response to look at you when you say their name.  
Learn how to make them want to listen!  
Seminar is not limited in size, but we do need to know if you plan to attend ahead of time to supply enough
class packets.  Please email Julie to let her know you plan to attend.

Cost is $30.00 if you attend this night as a stand alone session.  Otherwise, the K-9 Basics Seminar is included as the first
night of Beginners.  Class Packet Included either way.
Class Schedule 2019