Shadowland is committed to selling quality
    training gear.  From collars and leads to
    bumpers and whistles, we only carry products
    that we trust.  


Gentle Leader Head Halters and Harnesses that
provide extra control and are safe to use with any

Spiffy Dog

    Spiffy Dog Air Collars have won prestigious
    honors from several Dog Magazines and it's no
    wonder why; They breathe, giving your dog one
    of the most comfortable accessories they have
    ever worn.  If the collar gets wet, it dries quickly
    and doesn't retain odors the way some collars
    do.  Soft and pliable, these collars are
    lightweight yet durable and come in many
    designs.  Adjustable to fit perfectly, these
    collars are our favorite everyday collar.   Made
    in the United States, like most of our
    inventory!   We are the only Iowa retailer of
    these collars.

    Mendota Leads and Collars

    Mendota is a legend in training gear.  They have
    a long history of  producing durable, colorful
    and practical braided leashes and collars.   
    Many have tried to copy Mendota Leads but
    none compare to the construction and fair price
    of Mendota.
    We keep a selection of colors in the braided slip
    leads and carry a few collars.  We can order any
    collar in the same color as our leads so let us
    know if you see one you like.
    The braided slip lead is our 'go to' gear for
    taking the dogs anywhere.  Out for a bathroom
    break, training and walks, these leads slip right
    over their heads and the tab can be slid into
    place snugly so that it won't come off.   This
    allows the loop to fit the way a collar should fit
    to maximize control and minimize pulling.  
    We recommend these leads to our Obedience
    Class handlers to help them get a bit more
    control with dogs that need it.   They are one
    unit so there is no snap to come undone or
    break.   Your dog can wear a regular collar along
    with this slip lead or go 'naked' when not using
    it.   Collars can create mats on coated breeds
    and/or a discoloration ring around your dog's
    neck, so these leads are a great option to
    wearing a collar 100% of the time.

Retriever Gear

We also carry a variety of retriever training
products.  Canvas and plastic training bumpers,
Dokken training fowl, whistles, duck calls and
lanyards.   If you are looking for something specific,
let us know.  
Collars, Leads & Hunt Training Gear