More about Jones Bones
Treats 'n Toys

We sell only real beef and pork bones from Jones Natural
, one of the finest manufacturers of natural bones in
the nation. Safety and Quality are top priorities for Jones
Natural Chews. We searched for a product that we could offer
with pride and Jones Chews fit the bill!
More about Jones Bones
More about Jones Bones
Check out our Great TOYS!
Shadowland is PROUD to sell Planet Dog, West
Paw and Tuffy brand dog toys.  

These brands have been carefully selected based on
our own use of their products.  You might say that
these toys have already been "Lab" Tested!   And
you can bet they passed with flying colors!  We
don't want to sell our customers products that only
last 5 minutes.  You can get those anywhere.  
Shadowland prides itself on finding, using and
selling products that WE feel are worth the money.

Planet Dog
Planet Dog Orbee Toys are one of the best on the
market today for durable, long lasting, safe, and
engaging dog toys.  * Made in the USA.   * MINT
scented. * Treat holes to encourage play.  *Virtually
last forever!

We love these toys SO much that we are truly
excited for our customers to try them!
West Paw Zogo-Flex Toys
Serious Toughness.  Have not found a toy
that outperforms Zogo-Flex.  The last tough
toy you will have to buy!

Tuffys soft toys

TOUGH Soft Toys Built to intice play and last.  

Made from the same materials in suitcases with
several layers, your dog will thoroughly enjoy these
TUFF toys!
Two percent of your
purchase of Planet
Dog Products goes
toward the
training, placement
and support of
Service Dogs
helping people in
Here are a few reasons we LOVE Jones Bones!

* Raw Products from USDA inspected meat plants.
* NO Additives or Preservatives are used!
* All products carry Batch Codes and Sell By Dates.
* Only "Food Grade" Natural Smoke and Flavors are used.
* Products are slow baked at low temperatures to preserve flavor and natural
* Jones bones are prepared by professionally trained butchers.
More about
Planet Dog
Tuffys are
Shadowland is committed to carrying delicious, natural,
wholesome treats that are made in the USA.  We only sell
products that we use ourselves, so they are all LAB-tested and
approved!  These products can make the difference between a
dog that turns their nose up and a dog that says "Yes, Please!"
Orbees float!
We also carry a quality selection of Collars, British Slip Leads, Retriever
Training Equipment and Beds/Mats.

Shadowland has taken it's inventory to some area Holiday Craft Fairs.  
Keep Calm
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Fuel The Love with Zuke's All Natural Treats!

Zuke's are HEALTHY treats for your dog!  
Our promise to you is to only sell nutritious food and treats.  
We are proud to carry another great line of product that
keeps that promise.  Made in Colorado, Zuke's is committed
to making healthy, great tasting, all natural products that
your dog will love!   

Real Meat

Need we say more?
95% Real Meat from Free Range, Grass fed animals.  Higher
in Omegas and Beta Carotene than other meats.  High
protein treats for a dog that deserves the best!  Strips or
bits, these treats are amazingly irresistible!

Give them a try!  You won't be disappointed!